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Buying a Home with Solar Panels

By | Solar Panel Tips

With so many homes on the market these days, homes that have unique or desirable features are able to stand out from the pack. Certainly, one of these features could be the presence of solar panels on a property. Who wouldn’t want clean energy with little to no electric bill? But, it is always good to know a little bit more about how exactly a home with solar panels could impact you down the road before taking the plunge. With that in mind, here some things to consider when you are thinking of buying a home with solar panels.

Benefits of a Solar-powered Home

  • Low electricity costs – Homes that come with solar panels also come with cheaper electricity costs each month. Of course, the amount of savings depends on the size of the solar system, home size, and utility use.
  • Sustainable energy – Solar energy is environmentally friendly because it is unlimited. The sun is a renewable resource, so homes with solar panels reduce their harmful environmental impact tremendously.   
  • Increased home value – Solar panels increase home value. This means that buyers can expect a favorable re-sell price if they ever decide to relocate. It comes with the added bonus of tax breaks as well, another huge positive for home buyers.
  • Low maintenance fees – Because solar panels don’t need to be professionally serviced often, the costs associated with cleaning are minimal.

Potential Drawbacks of a Solar-powered Home

  • Possible repairs – Similar to any other element of a used home, the condition of a solar panel system depends on the previous owners. The panels may require extensive cleaning or servicing if the seller did not properly maintain them.
  • Panel lease – If the previous homeowner has not finished paying off his or her solar panel lease, the buyer absorbs the lease agreement and the balance. However, if the original owner secured the system from a loan agreement, he or she may still be responsible for the payments.   
  • Roof replacement – Maybe the solar panels are working just fine, but the roof isn’t in such good shape. It is much more difficult to have your roof replaced with solar panels on it, as you will incur more labor costs to uninstall and reinstall the system.

Solar Panel Experts

If you’re in the market for a solar-powered home or just purchased one, contact the professionals at PES Solar. Our team of energy experts can keep your new home’s solar panels in great shape and solve any of your solar questions or concerns. And, if the previous homeowner neglected to give the system any necessary attention, we can restore the panels to prime condition. To maintain your solar panels and keep your energy-efficient fixtures clean, contact PES today at (386) 668-4222.

How Long Do Solar Panels Last?

By | Solar Panel Tips

In sunny Florida, solar panels can seem like a great investment. You can consume the same amount of energy while also saving money in the long run and reducing your environmental footprint at the same time.

You might be thinking, “What’s the catch?” This might lead some to question the durability and longevity of solar panels, especially considering the harsh weather in Florida. However, there’s no need to worry about the lifespan of solar panels – they are far more sturdy than you might think.

Long Life

The typical solar panel comes with a warranty that can protect you from unexpected inefficiencies or damages.

Depending on the manufacturer, you might find solar panels with a 20-25 year guarantee that they will function within 80% of their original capacity.

However, you can expect your panels to last even longer than that – sometimes 30 years or more – though they likely won’t be as efficient and may show signs of material degradation.

Check with a solar energy experts for specific information about your panels.

Durable Material

Solar panels are usually made from crystalline silicon encased in a sturdy glass sheet. Though many have tried to use other materials to harness solar energy, silicon has proved to be the most efficient and the most reliable over time.

With the solar cells set inside a durable metal and glass frame, they are protected from any environmental hazards which could break them. The worst Florida can throw at a solar panel is a hurricane, but most solar systems are rated to withstand winds of up to 140 mph and are completely waterproof.

You shouldn’t have to worry about the durability of your solar panels any more than you would worry about the durability of your roof.

Solar Panels for Your Home

Finally ready to save money on your electrical bills and provide clean energy for your home? Talk to the solar energy experts at PES Solar about installing solar panels on your home. Our team can make sure your panels will work properly for years to come, and if there’s ever a problem, we are always there to help you.

To learn more about our solar panels and solar services, give us a call today at 386-668-4222.

Are Solar Panels Suitable for My Home?

By | Solar Panel Tips

Adding solar panels to your home sounds like a no brainer when you consider the possibility of not having to pay an electric bill ever again. However, it’s not as simple as installing panels on your roof and plugging them in. Solar panels are not magic; they require a specific set of conditions to function at their full capacity.\

To find out if solar panels are suitable for your home, ask yourself the following questions.

Does my roof face south?

In the Northern Hemisphere, solar panels can get the most sun on a south-facing roof. Since the sun moves from east to west, having a solar panel face south guarantees that your roof will be generating energy all day long. However, if you do not have a north and south-facing roof, chances are that it will be facing east and west. Some people even prefer placing the panels to face west, since a west-facing panel will be getting the most sunlight at the time of peak electricity use – when everyone comes home from work in the evening. 

How much square-footage do I have?

In order to figure out if you have enough space on your roof for a solar system to cover your full electricity needs, start by examining your electricity bill. When you find out how many kilowatts of power you use per month, you can use an online calculator to determine how many solar panels you will likely need to produce the same amount of power. Obviously, the number of panels you will need depends on how efficient the panels will be. But, the average residential home uses 6kw of power and would need about 400 square feet of south-facing roof to generate that.

Is there anything casting shade onto my roof?  

Though advancements in solar panel technology have made solar panels much more efficient, they still work best in unobstructed sunlight. Aside from making sure your roof is at the right pitch and facing the right direction, you want to make sure your roof gets as much direct sunlight as possible. If it is shaded by overhanging trees, taller buildings nearby, or any other obstacle, you likely won’t get the most out of your panels. Speak with a solar energy expert to determine if there are any solar solutions, like specialized panels, that would be able to overcome this issue.

Central Florida Solar Panel Installation

Not sure if your home would be a good candidate for solar panels? Let the experts at PES Solar come take a look. We have over 20 years of experience installing solar energy systems at homes across Central Florida, so we know exactly what to look for.

Is Solar Power Reliable?

By | Solar Panel Tips

Most homeowners understand that solar panels are a long-term property investment, but some are still reluctant to install a system of their own because they aren’t sure if the return is worth the initial expense. For instance, they might worry that solar panels won’t stand up to hail, rain, and strong winds over the years, and will break down before they become a positive investment.

However, this concern quickly vanishes when you consider the physical stability, sustainable advantages, and long-term savings of solar panels. Here’s a deeper look at what makes solar panels a reliable property investment.

Panel Strength

A study by The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) evaluated solar systems installed on homes after the year 2000. Their report revealed that less than one percent of photovoltaic (PV) solar panels installed on homes experienced malfunctions. With only five out of 10,000 panels requiring replacement annually, there’s no doubt that these fixtures are some of the most stable long-term investments available to homeowners.

Environmental Impact

Solar panels are a reliable resource that sustains energy in and out of the house. There is no pollution generated from the monthly use of solar panel systems, which means that having panels is a dependable way to contribute to environmental conservation. And, because the sun provides an unlimited amount of solar energy, you never need to worry about your panels running out of their energy supply.  

Constant Savings

It’s no secret that solar panels lead to savings. In fact, the math is undeniable. Though it is a sizable initial investment cost, what the average homeowner saves in monthly energy bills will pay off the system in 10-15 years. And, the lifespan of a solar energy system is typically more than double that. This means that once your system is paid off, you will be saving thousands every year for as long as the panels are still efficient.   

Reliable Solar Professionals  

The biggest home additions yield the biggest returns, and solar panels have proven to be one of the most trusted property investments. The professionals at PES Solar can install durable panels to provide the most reliable results for your property. By analyzing the dimensions and status of your roof, we can create a solar solution that will last decades. To learn more, call us today at (386) 668-4222.

Important Considerations for Solar Roof Panels

By | Solar Panel Tips

Installing solar panels on your home is a wise decision that will bring loads of environmental, social, and economic benefits to you in the long run. But before you take the leap of going solar, it is important to consider all aspects of such an important decision.

Consider Your Roof Space

You can install solar panels of a variety of roof shapes and sizes. However, your solar system selection truly depends upon the amount of energy you need to generate. In general, residential properties have limited space on the roof; hence, it is necessary to choose your panel size accordingly. You need to choose the panel system that your roof space can accommodate. One of your best options is to find a panel that fits both the landscape and portrait layout of your roof.

The energy ratings of the panel also vary accordingly. For instance, to generate 5 KW power, you may need to install 15 to 18 panels on the premises. Also consider that most fire codes demand an additional space of three feet between panels. As solar panels are usually rectangular in shape, an area of your roof with a large rectangular space is an ideal location for installation.

Consider if Your Roof Is Shaded

Sometimes, shading from chimneys, tall buildings, and trees can cause considerable decay in the overall energy efficiency of the solar panels. If shade is just from large trees, they can be trimmed to better maximize your energy output. To further optimize your system on shaded roofs, ask your contractor for microinverters. But, note that string inverters will be a bad selection for shaded roofs as they tend to degrade the performance of the entire system even when only one panel is shaded.

Consider Re-Roofing Your House Before Installing a Solar System

This is an essential consideration when making a decision about the installation of the solar system. A solar system is a lifetime investment and if you plan to re-roof in the future, it may cost you a lot to have your entire system removed and re-installed or replace essential parts that are lost during the process. To avoid all this trouble, it is better to discuss the re-roofing idea with experts before the installation of your solar panels.

Consider Hiring Professional Solar Installers

For quality solar panel system installations, contact the professionals at PES Solar. We can help you assess the size and condition of your roof to determine the best and most reliable solar system for your home. Contact us today to start your solar installation plan.

The Many Ways Solar Power Makes a Difference

By | Solar Panel Tips

In today’s technologically-advanced world, solar power can be utilized in multiple ways. Installation of such systems not only helps people to reduce monthly electricity bills but also provides a solution for clean energy at the same time.

With solar, you can generate lots of free energy and take a step towards a pollution-free environment while reducing your carbon footprint by a considerable level. Solar power is the essential choice for the current generation. Here are some ways solar energy is making a meaningful difference.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Rooftop solar panels can easily reduce greenhouse gas emissions by a considerable level. Stats reveal that PV installations in the United States lead to a huge reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. Estimates suggest that around 16.8 million metric tons of this harmful gas gets released into the surrounding environment each year. Use of solar power in American households can counteract almost the same range of emissions that is produced by a vehicle traveling up to 1800 miles per year. Businesses that have a commercial solar setup often reduce consumption of natural gases, crude oil, and coal.

Conserved Water

The fact that solar power contributes to saving water may appear a little surprising, at first. But it becomes clear once you understand that the coal and natural power plants that generate electricity need a huge amount of water for cooling. It is not just a matter of water waste in the execution of internal processes, but rather these industries have also been known to contaminate the water in nearby rivers, lakes, and seas as well. Therefore, adopting and installing solar power systems can help contribute to the development of cleaner waterways.

Boosted Economy

The best thing to know about the solar energy sector in the United States is that it has given sources of earning to more than 300,000 employees. The installation programs going on at different locations in the country can easily connect people to valuable job opportunities.

Professional Solar Installations

If you live in Florida, you might be aware of the fact that the Sunshine State receives some of the best direct sunlight. Therefore, Florida residents can get the best return out of their solar system installation.

If you are interested in installing a solar power system at your residential or commercial property, contact the experienced professionals at PES Solar. Our solar energy experts are here to provide you with the best solar system to meet your needs. We also provide zero down financing, free estimates, and high-end customer support service. Call us at 386-668-4222 to book your appointment today.

Solar Safety Tips

By | Solar Panel Tips

Solar panels are one of the best investments for every homeowner. The simple decision to go solar will benefit your immediate energy needs by providing an uninterrupted source of power that saves you money on monthly utility bills. But before you start celebrating your intelligent decision, it is important to be aware of some safety instructions to mitigate the risks of danger when dealing with your solar panel system.

Avoid Playing on The Roof

You’ve probably already advised your kids not to touch the electrical wires in the house, but once you have installed a solar system, the roof is now off limits as well. This is especially true on sunnier days where your solar system will be working on high voltage. It is important to follow all the provided safety guidelines to ensure complete safety for you and your roof containing solar panels.

Disconnect the Power Before Going on the Roof

Consider a scenario where you must go onto your roof, either to rescue a pet or clean the gutters. In such situations, it is important to first disconnect the power of your solar system. There is a specific box marked for this purpose. You can ask your salesman to locate the specific terminal which you would need to turn off before visiting the roof.

It is also important to understand that when the sun is shining, some DV voltage is always circulating in the PV panels, which can be dangerous if you aren’t paying attention. The only trusted method to eliminate this energy is by covering the entire panel by using an opaque tarp.

If you can’t locate the electrical box or terminate the power supply to your solar panels before going on your roof, be very careful to never step on the PV panels — especially during the day. It may be little safer at dusk when there is no sun and the panels less hot and contains only non-lethal voltage.

Safe and Secure Solar Installations

If you’re planning on investing in solar panels, the team at PES Solar is more than happy to help. We are equipped to serve you with top notch, conventional solar panel installation services to fit your energy and budgetary needs. Contact us now at 386-668-4222 to find out more.

The Benefits of Adding Solar Power to Your Business

By | Solar Panel Tips

Environmental health concerns and the rising price of oil has increased the demand for efficient sources of electric power in many industries. As a result, business owners are now finding it difficult to meet their routine needs. Fortunately, professionals are discovering the renewable and sustainable benefits of solar power during their search for alternative sources of energy.

Reduced Operating Cost

The best news for growing business owners is that solar power systems can reduce monthly energy bills. Such savings can leave a considerable impact on the overall financial set-up of both big and small companies.

Installing a solar power system at your commercial platform can help you save around 40 years’ worth of energy while also saving a huge amount on the electricity bills. Although the cost per unit for your current system might be quite higher with the existing energy systems; it can be easily reduced to enhance savings with solar power.

Returns on Investment

Solar power is a renewable source of energy; hence, the government has announced special incentives to all those who are installing solar systems at their residential and commercial buildings.

This means the installation of solar power systems is a sound decision for growing businesses and public agencies as well. Once you invest in solar power, it will start giving you quick payments while boosting your savings for the long run.

Reliable and Maintenance-Free Systems

Solar system installation is a one-time investment; they rarely demand any maintenance or repair for years ahead. These systems can provide uninterrupted electricity for around 25 to 40 years. At an average, most of the solar panels come with a 25-year warranty from manufacturers.

Getting the Green Label

It is well proven that with the adoption of solar system technology, your business will reduce pollution by decreasing the emission of greenhouse gases. By utilizing this source for energy at your company, you join the battle against global warming by reducing your carbon footprint.

Going green will also work as a great marketing and PR tool for your business. It shows that your company takes responsibility for environmental health management and you will get a positive response from the audience.

Boost the Power of Your Business

Given these benefits, installing solar power panels at your place of business could prove to be a savvy long-term investment. Book an appointment with the professionals at PES Solar and learn about our installation services with zero down financing and free estimates. Please contact us today at 386-668-4222 to schedule a consultation.



Reasons Why You Should Get Solar Panels

By | Solar Panel Tips

If you want to make the most out of your home, you need to keep everything up to date. Solar panels are a great way to modernize your energy, save money, and overhaul your house. Here are a few reasons why investing in solar panels is a smart choice.

Solar Panels Save Money

Arguably the biggest benefit to making the switch to solar power is the fact that you’ll save a lot of money. Installing solar panels does require an upfront investment, but you won’t have to pay for power after that, which means you’ll save a lot of money overtime.

Solar power is especially big in terms of saving money if you use power for agricultural purposes. As long as the sun is shining, you don’t have to worry about paying for power.

Solar Energy Saves the Environment

If saving a bit of money isn’t a huge deal to you, perhaps you’ll love the fact that solar power allows you to reduce your carbon footprint. You don’t have to worry about wasting natural resources since the sunlight is an endless source of energy. Plus, you can rest easy knowing that whomever you sell your home to will be using solar power as well, which means you’ll be creating a perpetually eco-friendly home.

Solar Power Is Convenient

Having power whenever you need it is always nice, but there’s a lot of hassle that comes from dealing with your local electric company. When you have solar power, you don’t have to worry about fluctuating bills, paying late fees, or any of the other issues that come with traditional sources of energy.

Finding ways to save money and reduce your impact on the environment is important in today’s world, especially if you’re big on preserving the world around us. If you want to learn more about solar power, ask about PES Solar’s free estimate and zero-down financing for residential systems. We can help you find the right solution for your needs and get it installed in no time. To learn more, contact us today!

How Solar Panels Can Help Your Home Sell Faster

By | Solar Panel Tips

When you’re deciding whether or not to have work done on your home, one of the main factors in that decision should be how the upgrade affects your home’s value. If you’re thinking about having solar panels installed in your home, here’s how they can help increase your property value and allow your home to sell faster.

Financial Benefits of Going Solar

Selling a home is all about finding a buyer who cares about the benefits and features your home offers. When it comes to solar panels, there isn’t a soul in the world who wouldn’t benefit from them. A solar power system will save future homeowners a good bit of money on their electric bill, which means they can afford to spend a little more on buying a home in the first place. These financial benefits are something many homeowners look for before buying.

Future-Proofing with Solar Panels

Buying a home that quickly becomes outdated is tough, but a home with solar panels will stay with the times for quite a while. Since solar panels still aren’t a standard feature in homes throughout the world, prospective buyers can get a head start on other homeowners by investing in a home with solar panels already installed.

Solar Power: The Perfect Home Addition

Nobody wants to deal with a fickle home buyer, but they’re out there. Some buyers may decide against a home if it doesn’t have all the features they want. However, you can make buyers a little less reluctant to buy your home by giving them something to be excited about, and solar power is becoming an increasingly popular feature for home buyers. By having solar panels already installed on your home, you’re making sure a feature is checked-off the list for many buyers, which makes it even easier for you to sell your home.

Eye-Catching Solar Power Installations

Having solar panels installed is a huge benefit when it comes to selling your home. PES Solar can provide you with an attractive solar panel system to complement your beautiful home. We also provide free estimates and zero-down financing on standard residential solar power system installations. To learn more about how we can help make your home more desirable with solar power, call PES Solar at (386) 668-4222.