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Best Solar Company in Pensacola, FL

Best Solar Company in Pensacola, FL

Are you searching for the best solar panel installers in Pensacola? PES Solar offers the most efficient residential solar systems to help you generate enough energy to run your home. Our solar panel installation company works closely with you to design a system that meets your needs with the highest quality solar panels for your home. Solar energy panels capture energy from the sun and convert it into clean, usable electricity that will keep everything in your home running smoothly. Talk to our team about the most suitable solar panel system for your home.

Get Solar Panels for Your Home in Pensacola with PES Solar

Our customers often have the following questions about solar panels:

How many years does it take to pay off solar panels? Most homeowners can pay off their solar panel systems within 6 to 10 years, making them an excellent long-term investment.

How many solar panels are needed to power a house? The average home needs 20 to 24 solar panels to meet all needs. Your installers will determine how many you need based on your home’s size and energy usage.

Does hail damage solar panels? Yes, hail can damage solar panels, but the chances are slim. In most cases, your homeowner’s insurance will cover the damage.

Do solar panels work during rain? Solar panels can generate electricity from even small amounts of light filtered through clouds. Rain is beneficial because it keeps your solar panels clean.

How do you protect solar panels from hail? A temporary protective cover can be used to protect solar panels if you know a hail storm is coming.

What size solar system is needed to power a house? The correct size for your system depends on energy usage in your home. Your solar installers will calculate how many panels you need to power your home efficiently.