The Difference Between Community Solar Farms and Rooftop Solar Power

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Solar power has been an energy source since the early 19th century and undergone significant changes over the years. Today, different options of solar technology have emerged and become more dependable and scalable as a way of electrifying different areas globally. One of the primary benefits of solar power is its renewable nature, accompanied by a limited impact on the environment. To access solar energy, you can choose either rooftop or community solar.

Community Solar Farms

Community solar farms include shared solar energy and offsite fields erected with solar arrays to distribute power locally. Here, members of the community invest their resources into a solar power grid and share the energy among themselves. Some of the benefits of community solar farms include:

  • No upfront or hidden costs
  • Lack of rooftop panel installation and maintenance
  • Extended price security
  • Provision of power to those unable to own a home
  • Accessible solar power rental to anyone in the area

Community solar can also be accessed by those who subscribe while being managed by a single local power center or utility facility. Such a method of community solar power is known as a utility-sponsored model. Other models of community solar power include:

  • Special purpose entity – this is an investor-backed venture consisting of several investors under one community solar farm.
  • Non-profit model – this model involves volunteer contributors for community solar farm installation.

Rooftop Solar Power

Rooftop solar power is generated from panels installed on the roofs of homes or businesses. The power remains solely used by the premises and accompanies upfront costs, maintenance, and inspection. Unlike community solar farms, the energy generated is low and serves a single building. The significant benefit of this type is that homeowners don’t necessarily depend on the grid for power supply.

Community Solar Farms vs. Rooftop Solar Power

Both community and rooftop solar offer 100% renewable power, therefore, minimizing dependency on fossils for fuel and reduction of electricity bills. However, community solar is installed on fields and owned by the community. On the other hand, rooftop solar panels are erected on rooftops and owned by homeowners. Again, community solar supply generates significant amounts of power over a wide area, while rooftop solar focuses on a single building with a much lower energy supply.

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Austin Miller

Austin Miller

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