Are Solar Batteries Worth It: What You Need To Know

January 2, 2023

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Solar energy systems are an excellent way to save money. Still, without a reliable energy storage solution, you can experience power outages during storms or other natural disasters. Whether you are planning to upgrade an existing solar panel system or are making space on your property for a new one, you may wonder, “Are solar batteries worth it?”

Expert technicians who install solar panels in Orlando can explain everything you need to know about this technology. Review the following information, then partner with a trusted company to install your solar systems.

What Are Solar Batteries?

Solar batteries are backup systems that store excess energy collected by solar panels.

When your solar system isn’t producing much energy during the night, your appliances can still function with energy stored in the battery. Professional technicians usually install these products on-site, so you don’t need to reroute power from a different facility.

Solar panels can still provide 24/7 energy without a battery. However, systems that do not have batteries rely on a larger electrical grid. As such, these facilities can be vulnerable to power outages during thunderstorms, fires, or mechanical failures. 

Benefits of Investing in Solar Batteries

Are solar batteries worth it if you already own a solar panel system? Explore these benefits to see how this technology can save you time and money:

Saving You From Power Outages

Suprise power outages can create significant obstacles for you during the day. 

Suppose your community’s power grid stops functioning. In that case, you must wait for the electric company to get things back up and running. Even if you own a solar power system, you won’t be able to run appliances in your home without the grid supplying energy. 

However, solar battery storage allows you to keep your lights on whenever you need them. These systems trigger immediately after the grid goes down and redirects energy to your critical loads.

Free and Renewable Sources of Energy

The upfront cost for a solar battery may seem expensive, but the long-term benefits will far outweigh your initial investment. 

Solar batteries provide a source of free fuel.

Most people use gas-powered generators to restore their homes’ electricity during power outages. However, these in-demand resources can be expensive and hard to find during some natural disasters. They also require storage space and will only last a few hours before depletion.

Solar batteries eliminate the hassle by ensuring you have a constant stream of electricity year-round. As long as your solar panels receive a decent amount of sunlight, you won’t need to worry about storing a backup generator or refilling any tanks.

Reducing Your Energy Dependency

Are solar batteries worth it for keeping your house warm?

Most modern homes do not have the necessary appliances to keep the entire property warm during a power outage. 

In the past, wood-burning stoves provided enough heat during snow storms to keep rooms at comfortable temperatures. Today, families rely on electric-powered HVAC systems that will stop operating during a blackout. Solar batteries reduce your energy dependency and allow you to enjoy hot water, consistent indoor air quality, and electricity without delay.

You can also keep your TVs, gaming consoles, or other entertainment systems working. This way, you can stay busy during a prolonged power outage.


Solar power is one of the most eco-friendly alternative energy sources available. Unlike gas, you don’t need to worry about toxic byproducts harming the environment surrounding your home when choosing a solar solution.

You can reduce your carbon footprint by investing in this state-of-the-art technology. A solar battery will not produce air pollution or other greenhouse gasses that compromise your health.

If you ever need to replace or discard your solar battery, you can do so safely. Simply contact your local waste management facility to arrange a pickup.

Protecting Your Critical Assets

If you work from home or operate a small business from your property, power outages can cause detrimental setbacks. 

It can be expensive and time-consuming to recover from sudden data loss. Technology blackouts can also make your security systems vulnerable to exploitation.

Solar batteries keep your daily operations running smoothly. An installation technician can assess your power usage and recommend a product that suits your needs. This way, you can be confident that you have enough energy to keep all your critical assets online.

Why Not Stick with Conventional Energy?

Are solar batteries worth it if you rarely have power blackouts? 

Even if you only experience brief power outages once every couple of years, solar batteries are still worth the initial installation cost. Becoming your own electric company has significant economic advantages.

Most people have few options when selecting an electric provider. When investing in solar batteries, you can avoid dealing with unpredictable energy contracts and poor customer service from these companies. Over time, you should notice you are spending less per year on reliable energy than with conventional solutions.

You can also say goodbye to waiting at gas stations for fuel during emergencies. Your solar battery is easily accessible and can last years with the proper upkeep.

Many worry that their properties do not receive enough sunlight for a solar power system. However, snow and debris-obstructed panels are usually the only problems that prevent a battery from collecting energy. Most flooded lead-acid batteries can still collect sufficient power, even on cloudy days.

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