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Having solar panels on your roof is like owning your own power company. When using solar energy, you are not only creating your own solar power, you are also protecting our environment by lessening your carbon footprint. Solar energy is the way of the future, and the future is now.

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Calculate Your Monthly Energy Bill

Each month, Florida residents spend an average of $125 on electricity.
By converting to solar energy, they could reduce that amount to $0.

To help estimate your potential savings, enter your total monthly energy bill into our calculator and see how much money solar panels could save you over the next 10 to 25 years.

Adding solar panels is a smart, money-saving home improvement that increases your home value and offers a complete return on your investment. Depending on the solar panel system you choose, the money you save on electricity will pay for your solar investment within five to 15 years.

Go solar with PES Solar and take advantage of the significant savings that await you!

I haven't paid an electric bill since Brian installed the panels. I have definitely gotten my money's worth out of the service.

Mel M.Project: Repair Solar Panels For Electric System

I didn't know it at the time but Professional Electrical Services was the electrical contractor when my pool was built back in 2007. They provided my solar installation in February 2016 and did an excellent job! They completed all the work as promised and even went as far as to troubleshoot my pool light. The Professional Electrical Services team even worked with me to remove my thermal solar blankets and installed a heat pump for the pool.

So if you want a $0 down-payment solar system or like me don't want an electrical bill when you retire then give them a call and tell them I recommended you!

Joe Moreira

Brian and his team did a fantastic job for me. They installed a 18KW ground mount PV system in my back yard that has been working flawlessly for almost 4 years now. My electric bill went from 4000 per year to less than 400!

I would highly recommend Professional Electric for all your electric and solar needs. They did what they said they would do when they said they would do it, and for a fair price. On top of that they were very pleasant and professional to work with. What else can you ask for?

Jeff Baldwin

Professional Electric is just that, professional. Everything was completed on time, at the agreed upon price and quickly passed county inspection. My solar panels have worked great for the two years I have had them. Last months bill was $43.00. I go 6 to 7 months without an electric bill. If you want solar let this professional team lead you through the process.

John Lucius

Brian provided an excellent service for our home, we haven't had to pay an electric bill in years!

Herman B.Project: Repair Solar Panels For Electric System

Great customer service and work is done seamlessly. Honest and professional. They installed our solar system which is fabulous they also have worked on other electrical things around the house. We will always call Brian for our electrical needs.

Evette Gonzalez

Very professional company, explained exactly what they are going to do. Very prompt and courteous. Would recommend them to everyone. They are one of the few companies that does not subcontract their work.

Melvin M.Project: Install Solar Panels For Electric System

Solar Panels Increase The Value of Your Home

Installing just 18 solar panels on your roof will increase the value of your home by $25,000, because your home will be powered by solar power, not the power company. Solar energy not only makes sense, it makes dollars. A home powered by solar energy, when listed in the real estate market, is advertised as a green home. A home that runs on solar energy will sell much more quickly than a home powered by the utility companies. Simply put, solar panels make your home more valuable.

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Solar Panels Will Give You A Full Return of Investment

Utilizing solar panels to create solar electricity is one of the only investments that will give you a full return on your investment, the moment that they are installed. Having a home that produces solar electricity is like having a home that works for you. Modern technology has led to solar panels so advanced, they carry a 25 year guarantee. This is a performance guarantee, based on the panels’ production of solar energy.

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Tired of wasting your money on traditional energy?

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