The Top 4 Large and Famous Companies That Use Solar Energy 

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As we progress further into the 21st century, many people and corporations have begun to address the looming threat of our collective carbon footprint. The cost of solar panels and other infrastructure drops yearly, making solar affordable for small businesses and even many homeowners and renters. Witching to clean energy generates positive PR for companies that use solar energy while giving them a cheaper alternative to carbon options. 

For these reasons and many more, countless American businesses switch some or all of their energy to solar. These innovative companies pave the path toward a cleaner future and set a good precedent for others to follow.

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Love it or hate it, Amazon remains at the forefront of many arenas, including solar capacity. In terms of clean energy overall, Amazon owns numerous massive wind farms — most notably, Amazon Wind Farm Texas.

With over 100 turbines, this farm adds an estimated one million megawatt hours of clean energy each year. This offsets a lot of fossil fuel use, helping keep the Earth healthy.


Macy’s is among the retail giants that didn’t go under during the onset of Covid-19. They owe some of this to their forward-thinking approach as one of the pioneers of using solar energy. 

Macy’s makes tremendous strides yearly, now sitting well above 50 MW produced annually. Coupled with that massive amount, the brand makes strides in clean energy and responsible use. They continuously find ways to reduce landfill usage and switch locations to solar power.


Back in 2019, IKEA announced a plan to use 100% clean energy by 2020. While it didn’t quite meet that goal, the company has taken giant steps forward with solar energy. Among the companies that use solar energy, IKEA was one of the first to outfit its stores with solar panels. 

To date, the company has invested over $1.6 billion in renewable energy — much of that budget going to solar. 


While the numbers above may be impressive, Target leads the charge in solar energy usage. In 2017 alone, the company added 70 MW capacity, reaching more than 200 by 2020. In 2022, Target opened its first net zero energy, which produces more clean energy than it needs.

Emulating Companies That Use Solar Energy

Following large corporations’ trends might be one of our best chances of reversing the climate crisis. Solar energy is environmentally friendly, cheaper than nearly every alternative, and can easily install on any modern home or business.

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Austin Miller

Austin Miller

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