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Low maintenance and durable in extreme weather, solar panels are a wise home investment because they produce energy for your home and save you money off your monthly electric bill. However, low maintenance doesn’t mean no maintenance. While your solar panels can endure extreme wind, rain, and heat, they are kept outdoors and are therefore susceptible to dirt and dust buildup. Here are a few safe and proper ways to clean solar panels and the materials you’ll needs to get the job done.

General Solar Panel Maintenance

While not much work is needed to keep your solar panels effectively up and running, they can always use a simple wipe down every few months. To clean your panels, you’ll need the following:

  • Reliable ladder

    Remember that safety always comes first when mounting a roof. Before climbing, make sure your ladder is properly level and balanced against your roof. For extra reliability, try to enlist someone to help spot you.

  • Sturdy work boots

    Invest in thick, rubber-soled shoes to ensure you have secure footing when on your roof.

  • Long garden hose

    Regular garden hoses are available in a variety of lengths. Depending on where your spicket is located, you may need an extra-long hose to reach the top of your roof.

  • Extendable-reach nozzle

    To limit excess water and prevent unnecessary bending and reaching, pick up a nozzle with an extended arm to attach to your hose. Just be sure to keep the water pressure to a minimum setting.

  • Large bucket

    If your hose will not reach your rooftop, fill a bucket with soapy water to help you handle the job.

  • Soft sponges

    Use soft, non-abrasive sponges to rid your panels of dried dirt, caked mud, and other stubborn stains caused by bird droppings and debris.

Solar Panel Cleaning Mistakes

When cleaning your solar power system, remember the following practices so as not to damage the integrity of your panels.

  • Don’t use a pressure washer

    The force generated by some pressure washers can strip materials off your solar panels or even cause them to fracture.

  • Don’t use a bristly broom or mop

    Cleaning the solar panels should never be done with a device other than a soft sponge. Push brooms and mops can have brittle bristles and attachments that can scratch the surface of your panels.

  • Don’t use harsh chemicals

    Household cleaning solutions and bleaches should never be poured on or used to clean solar panels. Such chemicals can eat through the panel treatments and cause performance-affecting damage. Sticking strictly to light, soapy water should do the trick.

Clean, Green Solar Panel Machines

No solar panel is cleaner than a brand new one! If you’re ready to make the smart decision to go solar, then contact the solar installation professionals at PES Solar. We can help you install a solar system to fit your budget and provide you with all the energy you need. Call us today for a free quote.

Austin Miller

Austin Miller

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