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Solar power provides incredible benefits to homeowners, allowing them to produce their own energy and dramatically cut energy costs for their households. However, some homeowners express concern that these systems present a fire hazard, as they involve placing electrical systems on the roof of your home. Although these concerns are valid, this article will explain why solar panel fire risk is getting lower every year.

The best way to ensure your solar panels are safe is to work with a licensed and experienced solar energy company for your installation. At PES Solar, we have years of experience designing and installing solar energy systems and always make fire safety a top priority. As Orlando’s reliable solar panel installers, we proudly provide our community with affordable and sustainable energy.

How Often Do Solar Panel Fires Occur?

While it is entirely understandable to have concerns about installing wires and technology on your roof, solar panel fire risk is extremely low. These events occur in less than one out of every ten thousand cases, making it far less likely to cause an issue than many other appliances in your home. Additionally, recent advancements in solar energy technology and regulation reduce this risk even further.

What Causes Solar Panel Fires?

If you’re concerned about a solar panel fire, it’s crucial to fully understand what causes these events to occur. In many cases, the cause of the fire is improper installation of the system’s components. Because of this, choosing a solar panel installation company you can trust is an essential step to keeping you and your family safe.

While installation errors cause most solar panel fires, weather damage can also result in malfunctions. Solar energy systems have live wires, so it’s essential to ensure the panels and other components remain in pristine condition. Ultimately, these systems present minimal risk to homeowners with skilled installation and regular maintenance.

Advancements In Solar Panel Fire Safety

While solar energy is still a relatively new technology, the field is developing rapidly. As technology and regulations evolve, solar energy becomes increasingly safe for homeowners. Manufacturers continue to refine the designs of multiple essential components to maximize efficiency and safety.

At the same time, the government imposes new regulations governing solar energy systems, ensuring that they are as safe as possible for American homeowners. These technological and regulatory advancements make it the perfect time for homeowners to install solar panels on their homes.

Speak With a Solar Energy Expert Today

Proper installation is the most critical factor to ensure your solar energy system operates safely and effectively while further reducing solar panel fire risk. PES Solar proudly provides expert solar panel services for residents of Florida.

Explore our website if you want to learn more about solar panel safety or have other questions about solar energy systems. When you’re ready to reduce your energy bill with a safe and affordable solar panel system, call PES Solar at 800-650-6519. Our highly trained experts are ready to answer your call and show you the various benefits of solar power energy.

Austin Miller

Austin Miller

With over two decades of experience in the solar and electrical contracting industry, Austin Miller brings a wealth of expertise to the table. As the proprietor of PES Solar, his profound understanding of solar energy and its cost-saving potential is unmatched. Austin's unwavering passion for the solar sector drives his mission to help businesses and homeowners maximize their savings while embracing renewable energy solutions.