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Does hail damage solar panels? As a Florida citizen, you probably have real concerns about this question.

Most people install solar panels to make their homes greener and decrease their energy bills. However, damaged solar panels thwart those aspirations.

Since hurricanes frequently make landfall in Florida, hail damage poses a genuine threat. Continue reading to learn more about what to do when a hail storm cripples your solar panels’ performance.

How Does Hail Damage Solar Panels?

Hailstones are a form of precipitation that falls from severe storm clouds. They consist of solid ice formed inside thunderstorms. Their diameters range from small, pea-sized stones to large stones as big as golf balls.

Hail the size of a golf ball makes for a rare occurrence in Florida. Smaller hailstones cause little to no damage. However, more extreme weather conditions can produce large hail that damages solar panels.

How does hail damage solar panels? The large hailstones travel at faster speeds. When they impact objects, they strike with a force of up to 75 mph.

Since solar panels remain exposed to all elements, they face a hailstorm’s damaging impact.    

What Risks Does Hail Pose to Solar Panels?

If a hailstone has a large diameter, its impact can damage various parts of your solar array. Although solar panel manufacturers build their products to withstand the elements, a hailstone that lands just so will cause internal and external damage.  

Damaged Components

Intense hail storms may cause severe damage to a solar module’s internal components. You may only notice superficial damage when you inspect it. However, cracked tempered glass or damaged seals may allow moisture into the module’s workings. 

Sometimes, your panels only sustain superficial damage. The storm leaves only a few cracks or scratches behind. Your solar panels continue working at similar levels as before. 

Decreased Performance

While damaged internal components have more apparent consequences, external casings still have their own issues. In both cases, a solar panel’s performance will decrease over time. External damage may take longer to notice on your energy bills. 

What to Do About Solar Panels with Hail Damage

If you observe any damage after a hailstorm, immediately contact your insurance company. An agent can help you understand how your policy covers solar panels with hail damage. Most homeowner policies provide coverage for arrays located on the roof.

Additionally, check the terms of your solar warranty. While rare, some warranties cover weather damage under specific conditions and time frames. If you have this coverage, you’ll find out more under the section labeled ‘environmental factors’ or a similar heading.

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