6 Common Solar Panel Problems You Should Be Aware Of

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Solar panels are not without their issues. Learn more by calling PES Solar at (800) 650-6519.

Solar panels are excellent alternatives to powering your commercial or residential property. They’re better for preserving natural resources and the environment while requiring relatively low maintenance. 

Still, solar panels are far from flawless. As with any energy converter, solar panels have wiring and other parts that experience malfunctions. Furthermore, their outdoor location leaves solar panels more susceptible to weather and critters.

Whether you already have solar panels or are considering investing, there are some common solar panel problems to keep in mind. We’ll go through the six most typical ones to give you an idea of what to remember. When it’s time to switch to solar energy, have your solar panels installed in Orlando by PES Solar.

#1: Electrical Issues

Electrical issues with solar panels often stem from faulty wiring. The electricity production can falter or stop completely when the wiring has loose connections, corrodes, or oxidizes. If you think your solar panels have electrical issues, contact a technician to conduct an inspection.

#2: Micro-cracks

PV module production, seasonal conditions, and mishandling during solar panel installations can cause micro-cracks on the panels. Over time, or with significant weather changes, these cracks can grow and affect your solar panels’ efficiency. 

#3: Hot Spots

Among the most common issues with solar panel energy systems are hot spots, when a panel gets too hot and overloads. Although they run on solar energy, solar panels can only take so much heat before they begin to underperform. Dirt accumulation and bad connections can cause hot spots, but they may also result from too much direct sunlight.

If your panels are clean and the connections are solid but you still notice hot spots, consider relocating them or providing some sort of partial shading.

#4: Critters

Critters such as small birds and rodents often nest between your solar panels and roof. This can cause structural damage, affect the panels’ ability to function, and even create a fire hazard. Consider installing protective barriers to keep critters away from your panels.

#5: Interverter Issues

Issues with the inverter are among the most common solar panel problems. The inverter typically lies somewhere on the upper floor of your house and converts the direct current from the sun into the alternative current your home uses. Time, wear and tear, and other issues can cause the inverter to malfunction or stop working altogether.

Check the warranty and type of inverter to know if it’s time for a replacement. 

#6: Roof Issues

Although solar panels shouldn’t negatively affect your roof, your roof can incur damage during installation that only worsens from the panels’ pressure. Have a professional evaluate your roof to ensure it can handle solar panel installation.

Solar Panel Installation From PES Solar

If you think you’re ready to switch to solar energy, PES Solar can help. Our experts can find the perfect solar panels for you and provide quality installation to decrease the chances of these common solar panel problems. 

Give PES Solar a call at (800) 650-6519 and learn about our sun-tracking solar panels

Austin Miller

Austin Miller

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