Solar Panels That Don’t Go on the Roof: Locations Other Than the Roof

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Solar panels are the go-to option for people looking into renewable energy sources. In residential applications, the panels often go on the roof. This is often because the roof receives the most sunlight and is out of the way.

However, there are instances where you need solar panels that don’t go on the roof. For example, the roof’s angle may not allow the solar panels to face the best direction for maximum sunlight exposure and energy production.

Luckily, solar panels don’t have to go on roofs. For customers who choose solar panel installation services by PES Solar in Dr. Phillips, we offer alternative locations for the installation. We’ll cover them in this article.

Ground Space Across Your Landscape

If mounting solar panels on your roof is impractical, the next best option is ground-mounted solar panels. You can mount a solar array a few inches or feet off the ground anywhere on your landscape.

With this option, you can build a tracking system to ensure optimal capture of UV rays. The system will track the sun’s movement throughout the seasons, ensuring consistent power generation. 

Ground-mounted solar systems are also easier to maintain, as there’s no added risk of climbing the roof.


If you have a sizable carport, your solar installer can replace its roof with panels. The resulting solar canopy can still cover your vehicle while supplying energy to your home. 

Before installing solar panels that don’t go on the roof on carports instead, you must ensure the structure is strong enough. Wooden or aluminum carports may require reinforcement around the base and the roof joints.

Garage or Shed

If you have a garage or shed detached or semi-detached from your property, these can be the perfect location for your solar panels.

However, as with the main roof, you must ensure adequate space for the panels on the shed or garage. You also need to confirm that the building isn’t directly under any shade.

The Awning

Instead of installing standard metal or fabric awnings around your windows and doors, you can use solar panels. The solar panels will provide protection from the elements and deliver energy to your home.

If you choose this option, it’s best to mount the solar awnings on west-facing or south-facing windows.

The Gazebo or Pergola

If you already have a pergola or gazebo, you can install your solar panels on them. However, you must ensure the structure has the ideal slope and orientation to capture enough sunlight.

Community Solar Farms

If your neighbors have an existing solar plot, you can consider expanding the system to accommodate your renewable energy needs. Where none exists, you can either broach the idea or stick to the alternatives above.

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Austin Miller

Austin Miller

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