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Excellent Solar PanelInstallation in Cape Coral

Problematic Utility Bills?

Are you paying too much for electricity in Cape Coral? Imagine saving and even making money by generating your own power. PES Solar can help you do just that!

Solar Installation at a Fair Price in Cape Coral

PES Solar provide the best Solar Panel Installation in Cape Coral that allows you to save money while helping the environment. Let the most trusted Solar System Installers in Cape Coral craft a custom solution for your home or business. 


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Take Advantage of These Benefits With PES Solar

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Energy Independence

Our solar panels are made with the most efficient technology available so that you can significantly reduce your monthly electric bills or eliminate them.

A Green and Sustainable Choice

You can contribute to making the world a greener and more sustainable place by using solar electricity.

Tax Benefits

Installing solar panels will speed up your solar panel system payoff with Cape Coral solar incentives. Get your solar tax credit now!

Professional Installation

Professional workmanship guarantees your system’s efficiency and longevity to ensure long-term reliability and performance.

Enhance the Value of Your Home

Many homebuyers are willing to pay more for homes with existing solar installations due to the long-term energy savings they offer.

Earn Money from Net Metering

Net metering allows you to sell your excess solar energy to the grid if you have solar panels on your roof.

Other Reasons to Choose PES Solar in Cape Coral?

Want more reasons to set us apart from other local solar companies? Homeowners in Florida pick PES Solar as their Cape Coral solar panel installation company because of our special qualities.

No More Power Bill  

As the leading Solar Company in Cape Coral, our solar panels can cut your power bill and make your home more energy-efficient

Solid Craftsmanship

Our expert team excels in solar panel installation and solar power systems. We prioritize precision and professionalism, ensuring your Cape Coral utility bills decrease while your reliance on traditional energy sources diminishes.

Easy Financing

We want everyone to have access to solar energy. Because of this, we offer a $0 down payment option and low monthly installation cost, so you can start taking advantage of going solar immediately and earn big savings!

Keep Extra Cash In Your Pocket

You can start saving money on your utility bill right away—and reaping returns in as little time as five years. You’ll never have to worry about paying more for electricity bills than you should. You can feel confident that you will benefit from your solar panels for many years to come with our 25-year roof penetration warranty. Residential And Commercial Solar Panel Installation in Cape Coral

Solar Providers near Cape Coral, FL

Check Out All of Our Energy System Services

 Our Quality Main Solar Services:

  1. Solar panel installation
  2. Enphase Battery Backup Installer
  3. Tesla Powerwall Solar Installer
  4. Aeroseal Duct Sealing Service

Complement your System with Our Other Solar Services:

  1. Generac Generator Installer
  2. Solar Attic Fans
  3. EV Plug Outlet
  4. Blow-In Insulation


Solar Providers near Cape Coral, FL

Grab the Next Leap with PES Solar and Experience Immediate Savings

Are you prepared to step into the future with cutting-edge solar energy systems?

As one of Cape Coral’s premier solar companies, boasting top-of-the-line solar technology and exceptional installation services, PES Solar is dedicated to crafting personalized solutions tailored to your home, budget, and dreams.

Receive a Complimentary Quote from the Leading Solar Company in Cape Coral

Begin your journey towards savings today by obtaining your personalized estimate. Call us at (800) 650-6519 and kickstart your adventure into solar power with PES Solar now!


Who is the best solar energy company in Cape Coral?

PES Solar is one of the leading solar companies in Cape Coral, offering top-quality solar solutions by experienced solar installers and exceptional customer service. Our solar systems help you save money, reduce your carbon footprint, and increase your property’s value with ease.

Are solar panels suitable for my Cape Coral home or business?

Our team will assess your Cape Coral property’s solar potential during a free consultation. Solar panels are a great option for most properties in Cape Coral, given the region’s abundant sunshine. Discover how our solar systems can benefit your Cape Coral property.

How much can I save on my energy bills with a solar installation in Cape Coral?

The amount you save depends on factors like your energy consumption and the size of the solar system. During the consultation, we can provide a personalized estimate of your potential savings in Cape Coral. Learn how our solar installation can cut your electric bill.

Is PES Solar licensed and insured to operate in Cape Coral, FL?

Yes, we are a licensed and insured solar company specifically serving Cape Coral, FL, ensuring that your installation is performed safely and professionally. Trust us for a reliable solar project.

How can I get started with a solar installation from PES Solar in Cape Coral, FL?

Contact us at (800) 650-6519 to schedule a free consultation in Cape Coral. We’ll assess your Cape Coral property, discuss your goals, and provide a customized solar solution tailored to your needs. Discover why we are among the best solar companies in Cape Coral.

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