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Best Solar Company in Destin, FL

Best Solar Company in Destin, FL

Solar energy panels are an efficient, environmentally friendly way to generate electricity for your home and reduce or eliminate your reliance on the grid. PES Solar is a reputable solar panel installation company in Destin. We have the best solar panel installers who design and install the most efficient residential solar systems. When you’re ready to get a new solar panel system, our experienced team can help you create a system that meets your needs.

Get the Best Solar Panel Installation in Destin from PES Solar

If you’re wondering whether solar panel installation is suitable for your home, review the following to get answers to your questions:

How close do solar panels need to be to the house? Solar panel systems can be installed up to 500 feet from the house. However, most people choose roof installation to maximize output.

How many solar panels are needed to power a house? Most homes generate enough power to meet their energy needs with 20 to 25 panels. Your installer will help you create an efficient system that uses the best number of panels.

Does hail damage solar panels? Hail damage is possible, but the risk is slim. If your solar panels are damaged by hail, your homeowner’s insurance will likely cover the repairs.

Do solar panels work in winter? Solar panels can work in all weather conditions, even sub-zero temperatures, which aren’t an issue in Florida. As long as light hits the panels, they will generate electricity.

Do you still have to pay bills if you have solar panels? Many solar panel systems keep up with energy use in a home. Any excess is stored in batteries for when the sun isn’t generating electricity. Sometimes, you may need excess energy that requires paying your electric bill.

What size solar system is needed to power a house? Solar installers will design the most efficient system to meet your home’s average energy needs. Most of these systems consist of 20 to 25 panels.