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Are you thinking about solar panels for your home in Tampa? Now you can save money on your utility bills with residential solar systems offered by PES Solar. We feature an extensive range of solar energy panels that cater to your specific needs. As the best solar panel installers in the area, we go above and beyond to add value to your home. Whether you are trying to decide on a solar panel system, or want a quote for solar panel installation, our talented team can help. To learn more, contact us today by calling us at (800) 650-6519.

PES Solar Answers Your Questions About Solar Panel System Options in Tampa

What are the pros and cons of solar panels?

There are very few downsides to installing solar panels on your home. The biggest benefit of solar panels is the reduced energy costs that you will experience each year.

How many years does it take to pay off solar panels?

This depends on the cost and number of the solar panels that you choose. Increasing the frequency of your payments means that you can pay them off sooner.

How many solar panels are needed to power a house?

Homes typically require around 20 or 25 solar panels to power the entire property, but this depends on the size of your home.

Does hail damage solar panels?

The engineering and placement of solar panels means that damage from hail is very rare.

Do solar panels need surge protection?

Yes. Given the risk of electrical surges to your panels, it is crucial that you install surge protection.

How do you protect solar panels from hail?

There are many things you can do to protect your solar panels from hail, such as adding a protective cover.